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Destination: Moonbase Alpha - The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to SPACE: 1999

“Prodigiously well researched...”
“DESTINATION: MOONBASE ALPHA arrived by post a couple of days ago... My surprise was quite overwhelmed by the pleasure I had in reading it.

The circumstances in which I left the show back in the mid seventies were not the happiest. I had become progressively and profoundly disappointed by the direction in which commercial and other pressures were driving the show to which I had devoted a good two years of my life. For a very long time I didn’t care to look at the results of my work and I took no interest in the growing number of conventions that were taking place in various parts of the world... Eventually it was Johnny who encouraged me to dip my toe back in the SPACE: 1999 waters and I began to realise what a huge and dedicated following the show had acquired worldwide. I undertook the trip to New York in 2000 principally as an opportunity to visit my friend George Bellak... I was quite unprepared for the magnificent welcome I received from people like you and it was the beginning of a very happy rehabilitation with a show I had loved.

When it was transmitted in the U.K. neither the schedulers nor the critics had any comprehension of what the show was really about. I am so pleased that it took a grass roots audience to acquire ownership of the show and to elevate it to the cult status it enjoys to-day...

What really pleases me about your prodigiously well researched account is the depth of your understanding of what we were trying to achieve. It
was ambitious... I felt that we had an opportunity to take not only science fiction but also television itself into new and uncharted territories and the fact that Johnny was such a willing and enthusiastic companion in that ambition gave us both a turbo-charge of creative adrenaline that sustained us through the production difficulties that you have charted so comprehensively.

I particularly like your analysis of the metaphysical themes and social issues that many of the episodes in the first series attempted to explore in the context of popular television drama. Action adventure was the order of the day, of course, but to find scope within that for the thoughts, the hopes and the fears of philosophers and poets, both on screen and off, was our not-so-secret aspiration and you have done long-awaited justice to that ambition which Johnny came so willingly and excitedly to share and expand with me. I’m just so very sorry that neither Johnny nor George Bellak is alive to enjoy what you have done on our behalf...
Thank you for making me feel so much better about a show which I loved so deeply so long ago.”

- Christopher Penfold, story consultant and script writer, Space: 1999

“A page-turner...”

“It’s a ‘must-have’ for every SPACE: 1999 fan -- a page-turner packed with facts and informed opinion and seasoned with spicy scuttlebutt -- the ‘truth’ behind-the-scenes on set in Moonbase Alpha, Pinewood 1973-76...
An Alpha Technical Notebook for the 21st Century.”

- Prentis Hancock, co-star of Space: 1999

“This book is a tribute to all who worked on and enjoyed the series... An invaluable record of the show.”
- Zienia Merton, co-star of Space: 1999

“It’s refreshing to see someone give SPACE: 1999 the credit it never got, but also not to be afraid to tell it how it really was. And the photos have come out extremely well too.”
- Martin Bower, model-maker for Space: 1999

“A splendid book...”
“Long ago and far away, we all went to Moonbase Alpha. It didn’t last for long, only two seasons on a commercial channel in the UK. For some, it has never gone away and this book is part of the on-going mission to keep the flame alive... This book offers a comprehensive look at the whole of the show. The opening chapter of each section offers an overview of each season and its relative merits. Following that, each episode is attacked with great enthusiasm... Overall, this is a splendid book for lovers of both trivia and the series itself. Best held in one hand as you go through each episode.”
- Sue Davies,

“An Excellent Book... Definitely Recommended...”
“...An engrossing read. The research is excellent... The book covers the development of the series in detail and has an introduction and overview to each series, supported by the recollections of those who were there, providing plenty of new material for even the most hardened 1999 fan... The author does a laudable job discussing and assessing the second series so even-handedly and is able to distinguish its relative merits so clearly... The book’s 450-plus pages are a testament to the imagination and commitment of those involved in the series... Destination: Moonbase Alpha is an excellent book for anyone with an interest in understanding Space: 1999, probably the last word on the subject and definitely recommended.”
- Richard Farrell, Andersonic (Read Full Review)

“Essential... Break your penny jar and go and get a copy...”
“Telos has been publishing brilliant unofficial guides to some of the greatest cult shows for some years now, so it is with no surprise that they have finally published Destination: Moonbase Alpha - The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Space: 1999... One of the nice things about the book is the honesty with which everyone recalls the show, from the expected praise to the unexpected criticism... The comprehensive nature of the book means that this is an essential buy for fans of the show and a great book to dip in and out of for the casual reader... So if you recall the show with any affection, break your penny jar and go and get a copy.”
- Charles Packer, (Read Full Review)

“Insightful and intelligently written...”
“Insightful and intelligently written. The reviews of each episode are very well thought out and even if you do not agree with the opinion of the author (though we imagine you’ll agree more often than you disagree) they will challenge you to think about particular episodes in a new and possibly different way...”
- Eileen & Phyll, The International Nick Tate Fan Club


“Excellent... we’re sure it’s going to be well-received by readers... The Analysis sections are superb.”
- Stephen James Walker, Telos Publishing

“Amazingly Comprehensive...”
“Robert Wood, in his superb new book Destination: Moonbase Alpha, expertly and candidly reveals the never-before-told true story of how actor Barry Morse departed SPACE: 1999, at last solving this puzzling mystery. This amazing comprehensive guide is a fount of information and is truly a must-read for all fans of the show.”
- Anthony Wynn, co-author, Barry Morse memoir Remember with Advantages

“Far more interesting than the actual show...”
“Crammed with candid speaking from cast and crew... Lifts the lid on the shabby treatment of Barry Morse (dumped for the second series)... All this gossip is far more interesting than the actual show...”
- Page 115 in the May 2010 issue of SFX Magazine features Destination: Moonbase Alpha
(Even though they also think I’m “rather dry”, and “a generous marker”)
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