Robert E. Wood

Canadian artist and author Robert E. Wood has been a lifelong fan of
SPACE: 1999, and has over the years been a strong champion for the series, contributing to countless fan-produced publications, as well as participating in the organization of many North American conventions. His books (frequently written with collaborator Anthony Wynn) include Remember with Advantages (as co-editor of the theatrical memoir of actor Barry Morse), Anecdotes & Armadillos (as editor of the theatrical memoir of actress Zienia Merton, which is now out-of-print), Stories of the Theatre and Merely Players (as co-editor), among others. His work has also been published in two issues of FILMFAX magazine (October/December 2007 and April/June 2008). He is currently working on several upcoming book projects on the life and career of Barry Morse, as well as a book on genre films.

Robert is proud to have worked with actor Barry Morse on no less than 15 stage, television and audio productions across the United States and Canada, including a memorable production of the play
Love Letters, which reunited SPACE: 1999 co-stars Barbara Bain and Barry Morse – together again, for the first time – which was staged in Los Angeles in 1999.

As an authority on
SPACE: 1999, Robert has appeared on television (The Chatroom, 2001; Spotlight on 1999, 2002), on internet radio (Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction Radio, and several appearances on both Talking Television and NDB Media), in print (most recently in Andersonic, June 2011) as well as numerous appearances on discussion panels at conventions throughout the United States and Canada.

Destination: Moonbase Alpha – The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to SPACE: 1999 is the culmination of Robert’s interest in the series, and he is grateful to everyone who has assisted in its creation.

London: April 2011, on the memorial bench for Barry Morse in St. James’s Square park.

Below: Robert, with actor Barry Morse, discussing SPACE: 1999 at conventions in 1999 (Los Angeles) and 2000 (New York).