The following comments and reviews of Destination: Moonbase Alpha come from fans of Space: 1999:

“A Great Resource for Space: 1999 Fans...”
“A fantastic cover... A nice photo section with photos of Martin Bower’s models, which shows the real size and amazing detail of some of the spaceships from the series. Plus this book has 500 pages of solid text. It’s not fluff either... You are expected to have seen the episodes, and want to find out more. If you do, this book delivers... There are lengthy overview sections where you read exactly what Martin Landau, Nick Tate, Johnny Byrne and the others thought about the characters, the producers, and each other... The chapters explaining how the second series came about, and the disappearance of Bergman and the others, are particularly clear and absorbing... Some of the cast were quite aggressively hostile to the second series of Space: 1999 (their comments are of course recorded in these pages), but Robert doesn’t just dismiss the Year Two episodes... Each is assessed on its own merits... But it’s not hagiography, and he frankly discusses the flaws of episodes in both seasons... Overall, this is a great resource for Space: 1999 fans. Before or after watching an episode, look through these pages to read the perfect DVD commentary.”
- Martin Willey, The Space: 1999 Catacombs

“An Absolute Triumph...”

“The book is an absolute triumph... The best book on SPACE: 1999. There are great observations about each episode and I really think you have crystallized what was special about the show... I love how you give context for us to love a show where we don’t always get the answers. You also prove that the subtle performances make each bit of humanity more rewarding... Brilliant!”
- Kit Bevan

“I fell in love with Space: 1999 in Year 2 and then when I got older fell even more in love with Year 1. Having said this, the information that Bob has uncovered about Year 1 thirty years later is amazing. It is especially wonderful to hear from the writers of the show, as well as the actors, so we get a chance to get a feel for what the production of the show was like, as well as getting a feel for the characters and the stories that we have come to love. It never ceases to please me how much things take on a life of their own in the right hands - and Year 1 had a life of its own. The review of the episodes is the most complete that I have seen for any SF series guide and you almost get a chance to replay the whole episode in your head while you are reading and go: ‘Yeah, I remember that,’ or ‘Never looked at it that way before.” It also makes you run to your DVD collection and get those episodes to see for yourself! I wasn’t sure about how I was going to feel reading about Year 2 episodes (there were some pretty weak episodes), but Bob’s research once again gave a feel for the production of the season and how things did or didn’t come together. Once again hearing from the cast and crew in their own words gives you insight to what you saw on the screen. And while the tone of Year 2 was so different from Year 1, it has its charm (for me Tony Anholt ‘charm’) and many of the episodes do get some things right. All in all, an enjoyable book - whether you are going down memory lane or just getting to know the show for the first time - this book needs to be under every Space: 1999 fan’s tree this Christmas.”
- Sandra Sprecker

“Other books have had the word ‘complete’ on the cover but don’t come close...”
“Excellent... Really love the exploration of each episode’s metaphor, literary influences etc., and also the incredible amount of comments from cast and writers for each episode... Other books have had the word ‘complete’ on the cover but don’t come close to the depth of research and discussion here - Anyone with an interest in learning more about this series won’t be disappointed.”
- dukedexter (AKA: the creative force behind Andersonic)

“As important a tome in sci-fi history as the “Star Trek Compendium”...”
“It’s as important a tome in sci-fi history as the “Star Trek Compendium”... deftly written... A great book to accompany a great (and very underrated) show...”
- Steve Warnek

“Great, great, great!!!!”
“I strongly recommend people to buy [this book] if they are fans of Space: 1999. It’s a really great analysis of the show. Robert Wood goes beyond the eternal comparisons between Year One and Year Two, showing good and bad aspects of each season, episode by episode. There are also many many interviews with actors and people behind the show. Great, great, great!!!!”
- William Nicolas Fraser

“The best book I’ve ever read...”
“Every Space: 1999 fan needs to buy Robert Wood’s Destination: Moonbase Alpha. It’s the best book I’ve ever read...”
- Chuck Schwartz

“It’s my bible...”
“It’s my bible - goes everywhere with me!! I like to write Year 1 stories interwoven with the actual episodes themselves and I try to keep each story as authentic as possible so your book is one of my most prized possessions...”
- Allison Davies

“Wonderful 1999 memories...”
“This is a great read, packed with insider info and wonderful 1999 memories. Space: 1999 was a HUGE part of my childhood and this book brought it all back!...”
- John Jeffries

“Required reading...”
“This book far exceeded my expectations. I knew Robert Wood had access to Barry Morse’s diaries, so he had some at-the-time observations by a major participant of Space: 1999, but I was not prepared for the amazing array of quotes he has come up with from all of the major players from both years of the show. I felt he dealt fairly with both seasons, which is something you don’t often see... This book is a highly recommended, balanced history of the show...”
- John Carlton

“I was very happy to acquire a copy of your Destination: Moonbase Alpha. The interview material, in particular, I found enthralling. Books such as The Making of Space: 1999 were not able to capture as much of the story due to its historical proximity to the events under description and, no doubt, the ongoing commercial interests which approved the book. The unauthorized nature of your book, therefore, was a strong virtue... Thanks for caring enough about Space: 1999 to bring Destination: Moonbase Alpha into existence.”
- R.M. Kozan, author of Breakaway: 1977

“A Scintillating read!”
“Robert E. Wood’s unofficial guide to Space: 1999 is a scintillating read! ...Lots of great information here... You’ll learn just about all you need to know!”
- Russell C. Witheyman

“Extremely Well Researched...”
“An extremely well researched book which gives lots of original and highly detailed information and observations...”
- J.M. Greer

“Great overview of an underrated show...”
“Filled to the brim with info and comments by the cast & crew. A bit of behind the scenes fights and power trips... Reviews of every episode are a highlight. Does a good job making a case for Year Two... Makes the case for a great show that was unfairly drubbed by critics.”
- Michael A. Nelson

“All I can say is WOW! There is more information contained in this book than I ever expected... I can’t believe how detailed this book is... A wonderful, informative book.”
- Paul C. Visby

“Destination: Moonbase Alpha... is a really superlative book... Thank you very much from a devoted Space: 1999 fan! ...It’s a real pleasure reading about Space: 1999. I’m so absorbed in reading that during recent nights I dreamed again about Space: 1999... I would like to thank you for the passion you lavished writing this book... Thank you very much from Italy!”
- Andrea Gualco

“Addictive... Awesome...”
“VERY addictive... Saw Martin Bower’s photos - they’re not new to me but I’m glad they’re part of this awesome book.”
- Jorge Carmo

“LOVE the commentary from everyone. What a great idea. You have taken all these priceless, uncensored interviews done over the years at Cons... and put them into the most definitive well-researched balanced book on the history of Space: 1999 EVER!”
- Christopher Paulsen

“Thoroughly Enjoyed...”
“Many thanks for all your work on the Destination: Moonbase Alpha book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it - especially the trivia information such as Barbara Bain warming up her costume on the radiator in the morning, and one of the secretaries getting fed up with script revisions and throwing her typewriter through the window!”
- Chris (AKA: Space 1899)

“A Masterpiece...”
“A wonderful book... A masterpiece... One of the aspects I like the most is the way you identify some of the themes mentioned by Byrne, such as Technological Man vs. Biological Man, and how the first year deals with this issue in different ways... I feel you have done Penfold and Byrne a great service in clarifying their message, making the mythology of the three final episodes of year one even more explicit... Absolutely wonderful... You have contributed magnificently to the Space: 1999 community in helping us get an even better picture of the subtext of Space: 1999. Fantastic... It’s many years since I have enjoyed myself so much reading about Space: 1999.”
- John K. Balor

“Couldn’t put it down!...”
“I just couldn’t put it down! This book really captures the essence of the series. The extensive use of interview material is what made the book for me... The true nature of why Barry Morse didn’t return for Year Two made my jaw drop as it’s something I really wasn’t expecting... The extensive episode guide was informative... This book has helped me understand the series so much better... A compelling read!”
- Rich (AKA: Achilles Messenger)

“Far more detailed than any book published on the series before... A treasure trove of information... Robert Wood deserves a hearty congratulations for a job well done.”
- David Bobzien

“Truly Impressive...”
“...A truly impressive read. I like the intelligent writing style that never veers into ‘fanboy-speak’, and it gives an honest assessment of the series... It makes me want to sit down over the coming weeks and re-watch the entire series in full. I also appreciate the ‘getting behind the scenes’ feel of some of the anecdotes from cast and crew, and you do get a tasty helping of juicy (but never out-of-order) gossip from people who worked on the show! As for the true reason behind Barry Morse’s exit from the show, it is an utter stunner!! ...A fine book, and I think it is an absolute, bottom-line must read for anyone who has an interest in the show.”
- Danny Box

“I discovered new things about the series...”
“Not only was it an enjoyable read, I discovered new things about the series I had not previously known. Most surprising was something fairly major I hadn’t picked up on from Message From Moonbase Alpha... Thanks for writing it...”
- Keith (AKA: saturnapollo)

“A Great Book!...”
“A great book! I hope there is a follow-up with unmade scripts, or something very like it.”
- Charles Mento

“Much more subtle than what has been written before...”
“Great... It tells us a lot about relationships between the actors on the set, something I’ve never read before. And the author goes deeper in the explanations of the changes between season one and two. He goes deeper in the analysis of each episode. I find the analysis... much more subtle than what has been written before. It’s not ‘good series one’ and ‘bad series two’ again.”
- Nicolas Lemarignier

“THE source for Space: 1999 information...”
“What I liked most about this is that it’s the first (to my knowledge, the only) printed source that has so much Space: 1999 information in one place. When I’m not near a computer with an internet connection, this would be THE source for Space: 1999 information. In fact, even with access to a computer, this is a valuable source...”
- CR

“Highly Recommended!...”
“Jam-packed with information about Space: 1999 ... I have never seen a book so jam-packed with excellent information! It is well done and highly recommended!”
- Floyd Resler

“Simply brilliant... This book is a must-have...”
“I have read every book on Space: 1999, since I was eleven years old in 1975. This book is the pinnacle of ‘making-of’ books. It is far superior to John Muir’s Exploring Space: 1999, which was second hand information. Robert has researched and written an intimate look at the making of the TV series... I loved the input of all that worked on the series... Simply brilliant, it is the best production book on the making of Space: 1999 ever written... This book is a must-have...”
- Steve Gerard

“Informative & Enlightening...”
“...A LOT of fun. Very concise without being dry, as well as informative & enlightening... Great book!”
- David A Sobral

“...It’s Fantastic!”
“...It’s fantastic! Some of the material is completely new to me and I’ve been following the show and researching it for over 30 years. Many thanks for a great book (if there is scope to, I hope you do a follow-up of some sort).”
- Mark Moss

“Thoroughly Enjoyable...”
“...A thoroughly enjoyable book. I have found myself agreeing wholeheartedly, disagreeing wholeheartedly (who would want to only read something they completely agree with all the time?), and learning new and interesting little tidbits after all these years. Anecdotes and commentary are wonderful.”
- Pat Sokol

“Loved the Book...”
“I loved the book... it’s virtually the ‘bible’ of the show. I can pick it up at any page, start reading and find it hard to stop... A comprehensive overview of Space: 1999... written by someone who absolutely lives and breathes the show.”
- Steve Cromby

“I highly recommend this book...”
“The commentary from producers, art directors, script writers and the actors themselves provide a very unique highlight of the making of the show. The foreword by Zienia Merton and afterword of the amazing Barry Morse are actually delightful pieces of writing. I highly recommend this book to any serious fan of the show, and by extension, to any sci-fi aficionado.”
- C. Alarcon

“Enjoyed it VERY much!...”
“I enjoyed it VERY much! Couldn’t put it down! Thanks you very much for this! Anxiously awaiting a sequel!”
- Michael Taylor

“LOVE your book...”
“LOVE your book, Destination: Moonbase Alpha. Keep going back to it over and over again... No book I’ve seen on Space: 1999 surpasses yours...”
- Jeffrey Steven Hastings